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TPSC Advantage

Power To The People

We leverage our experience to help your company bend the curve of increasing insurance premiums, while giving your employees quality service.  Here's how we stand out from other employee benefit solutions:

Compassionate Member Care – Our Member Services Team will meet the needs of your employees in a timely, accurate and efficient manner.  With over 97% of all our calls answered live, your members will receive personal service.

Convenient Benefit Communication and Enrollment – TPSC’s consolidated billing for fixed premium costs and variable claims expenses are convenient and accurate, allowing you the time to focus on running your business.  We provide you with monthly reports which detail how every health dollar is spent. 

Lower Costs – Self funded plans allow you to directly benefit from the variable costs of lower claims expenses.  In addition, by funding claims directly, you avoid premium taxes, risk charges, overhead, profit margins and contingency margins which are all included in the costs of fully insured premiums. 

More Flexibility – TPSC will examine your current plan and financial position to determine the appropriate level of coverage, the best PPO network, cost controls and stop loss protection.  We will develop a customized plan to suit your needs as each one of our solutions is built a la carte from a menu of quality choices.

Quality Assurance – We subject all our claims, without a minimum dollar threshold, to a funnel of services to protect our clients from fraud, waste, abuse and overpayments.  Our diagnostic system uses powerful algorithms which integrate models, statistics and historical patterns to quickly and accurately flag claims that indicate revenue maximization practices.

Innovative Forecasting Technology – TPSC has partnered with Advanced Analytics for plan reporting which allows our clients and their consultants to (1) analyze plan performance by identifying cost drivers and trends, (2) forecast plan costs by creating “what if” models and (3) monitor plan performance by evaluating claims data on an ongoing basis. 

Experience – With our 50 year history and over 200 years of management experience, TPSC takes pride in offering concierge-level services which are unparalleled in the industry.