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Frequently Asked Questions

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This sample EOB will give you a better understanding.

Email using the subject line "Paperless EOB Request", or dial our Member Services Center at 1.800.426.9786. Provide your 5-digit Group Number located on the front of your ID Card, and we’ll make the switch for you! Please specify the email address where you’d like us to deliver your Paperless EOBs.

More information can be found on our Paperless EOB flyer.

The preventive care services list provides a summary of services covered by non-grandfathered plans.

Health plans that were in place when the Affordable Care Act was signed March 23, 2010.  Grandfathered plans do not need to comply with all the rules of the new law, but will be folded in to compliance over time.

Look on the front of your ID card or check your plan booklet to find which PPO Networks are in your plan.  Then find your network on our PPO Networks page and click on a logo to find a provider.

The process and requirements vary from network to network.  Refer to your PPO Network website for details.

If the provider has signed up to receive patient information, they can call 800.426.9786 and press 4 to receive faxback instructions on individual eligibility.  Otherwise, you or your provider can speak to our Member Services Team at 800.426.9786.

Your provider should submit the claim using the information provided on the back of your ID card.  If you pay out-of-pocket for a service, please fill out a medical, dental, vision, or prescription drug claim form located on the Forms & Notices page.

Each case is different and our Member Services Team would be happy to provide you with answers.  Please call us at 800.426.9786.

Plan booklets are located in the member login area for ease of access.  A paper copy can be requested from your HR department.

Call our Member Services Team at 800.426.9786 for assistance on ordering a new card.

Your plan booklet will have the details about dependent coverage for your specific plan.

An eligible dependent may include a covered person's spouse or qualified domestic partner and unmarried children under the age of 19.  Some plans allow for unmarried children to be covered up to age 26.

Please contact your HR Manager.

This is due to a claim with a diagnosis that could be related to an injury.  If you need assistance completing this form, please call Member Services at 800.426.9786.

A percentage of the charge for medical care that you must pay.  If your plan's coinsurance for a given service is 20%, the plan will pay 80% and you will owe the rest.

A list of drugs that your health plan will cover, either fully or partly.  Formularies will vary by plan and are also referred to as a preferred drug list (PDL).